Monday, 28 May 2012

Tanz der Molekühle- Lechtal

On Friday and Saturday Stew and I went to a secret crag in Lechtal. Unfortunetly one whole part of the wall was still completely wet, so there was only one route left for me to try called “Tanz der Molekühle 8b/+”. These was one of the nicest route I ever been on. After bouldering  it up the first time I knew that eventually I would be able to climb this line, because it was completely my style. After checking it out a second time we headed back to the car for the night. On Saturday morning we were back and after a really cold warm up my first go already went well and I could climb past the crux. On my second go of the day I clombed the route meaning that I only needed 4 attempts in total. I am so happy and this was an awesome start in the outdoor season. Photos will follow later....

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Boulder Woldcup Innsbruck

Innsbruck was the third world cup stop for me. It was strange, but I felt more nervous than usual. So close to home you just want to climb well. The audience was great in Innsbruck, already for the qualification round there were lots of people supporting you on the way to the top. Qualification and Semi-finals went well for me; I was especially proud to keep my nerves and performed my best. However in the Semi-final I fall off the top hold on boulder number 2 which was disappointing and the reason why I finished only 17th and not a more deserved better position. The disappointment did not last too long, because I was so happy to hear that Stew qualified for the finals and I really enjoyed watching and shouting for him, in this awesome atmosphere. 
 I am kind of sad that there is a competition break now until August for me, but on the otherside I am happy to have more time to climb on the rock again.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Log Dragomer and Vienna

Time goes fast and 2 World Cups already past. This year I prepared differently than previous years, thanks to the help from Reini Scherer who provided me with really good trainings methods. Also Stew was from great help, who pushing me in my training and for setting some amazing problems. This paid off and I feel more confident in me and my climbing. In the Log Dragomer I climbed well and enjoyed it, without feeling too excited and nervous. However on 2 out of 5 problems in the Quali I climbed to the last move but was not able to catch the top. I finished 27th overall. Obviously I felt disappointed but knew that I was strong enough to get into Semis. 
A week later was the World Cup in Vienna. Qualification went well except that I sticked a hard dyno 2nd go but fall off to the top and until the last minute I could not to the dyno again. Therefore I needed more attempts and only just qualified for the Semifinal. The Semifinal was extremely hard and I only collected 1 Bonus. I finished with 6 others on place 15. Somehow felt alright about my performance but deep inside I knew that there would have been more. 
Next week is Innsbruck which is the last World Cup for me until end of August in Munich. I am looking forward to try my best and give everything. VENGA