Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Arco Rockmaster 2010 and World Championship Pre Event

This was the hardest competition so far this year. The girls had to climb very early it was super hot and the problems were mega hard. Between climbing, watching the men boulder and the leading competition the hotel pool and Marco´s ice cream was the only way to survive the head. I finished 10th which was my best competition result so far this year.

Monday, 5 July 2010

6th BWC in Sheffield

The BWC was part of an outdoor festival called Cliffhanger which was located in the Millhouses Park in Sheffield. Beside other competitions the Boulder Woldcup was one of the biggest attractions and the walls were mounted inside a big circus tent. The competition started on Saturday with long, long waiting hours (up to 5 hours) for the girls in the isolation (THE CLIMING WORKS!). My biggest worry was to not get too psyched by the warm up.

The qualification went alright for me, except on the last problem, because you had to bright across two walls and reach to the top on the other side. Unfortunately my legs where almost too short and I tried so hard that I pulled a muscle fiber in my hamstrings. At least I got the top and was in the next round. On Sunday, in the semifinal I had to climb with a lot of pain in my leg, but I managed to top one problem and finished 16th. Now I need a lot of therapy to be fit again for the Rock Master.