Monday, 16 March 2009

...Finally sunshine....

After a long period of snow in Austria, Stew and I decided to drive to Chironico. The weather forecast was not lying, it was unbelievable warm and sunny, but very windy. Our first stop was in Chironico sector Boogalagga were we warmed up, than I went to Dr. Pinch 8a. After Stew demonstrated how easy it can be, I had do workout the right sequence for the top. Than I started to try the problem from the bottom which felt surprisingly okay, just after a few attempts I managed to keep my feet on when I went from the pinch to the sloper and I climbed the boulder on that go. Well happy. After that we moved on and Stew tried Boogalagga, unfortunately his tip split again and instate he climbed the 8a next to it with the same top-out. On the rest of the day we just messed around on some problems we passed.

Next morning we got up quite early and went to Chironico sector les doigts verts again we had an extended warm up and then i wanted to try les doigts verts because I am already so close of doing it but it was to hot so I decided to leave it and do lots of new problems instate. After an amazing day I climbed Auto pilot 7b+ (flash), Richiamino settimanale 7a+ (flash) and Karma Police 7a+.

Friday, 6 March 2009


After the Worldcup in Moscow I took climbing a bit easier, by doing some stamina training. From 23-25 November the Austrian Climbing Team had a relaxation camp in Obergurgl, skiing, massages, spa, food and drink in a 4 star hotel...thats luxury. In December Stew and I went to Tessin, it had a lot of snow and just a few things were try. I climbed Hannibal Lecture 7c, La Boulette 7b (flash). After that trip our training started again, gym + specific strength training. Half way trough the training (01.01.09-06.01.09) Stew and I went to England to do some bouldering. Unfortunately the weather was not so good and we ended up going indoors, but it still was fun and it felt good to climb some set problems. On 15.01-16.01.09 the Oetztal Team had to organize a big children comp-a lot of work but always a success. End of january we started our new boulder training. 13.02.-15.02.09 we went in a big team to Cresciano to climb lots of funky problems. On 28. January there was a Mammut climbing party in Tivoli where the whole Oetztal Team attempted. That was a great night with lots of boulders (80 in total) free drinks and food, some pictures and many climbers. The rest of the time gets used for training, training, work and sleep....