Monday, 25 August 2008

Last week....

This week was quite a good week. On wed. I climbed “Nix fuer schwache 7c” in Noesslach und on Saturday we went to Piburg and I climbed “Nostalgie 8a” 2nd go. I was well pleased because this route is very pumpy. After I tried “Klettersteig 7c+” but that was defiantly too pumpy after Nostalgie. On Sunday Stew and I had an easy start and climbed good warm up routes in Noesslach. After that we went to Astlehn and I had a few goes on “Dynamischer Exorcist 8a+” but that was not my day. I had troubles to concentrate and finally just had one useful try… but not long and I will climb it.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Oetztal Climbing Team in Arco

Last weekend the Oetztal climbing team (Babsy, Heiko, Lu, Elli, Tai, Stew and I) went to Arco. It was warm but not boiling. On Friday after work (my last working day in the Aqua Dome) we drove down and climbed a few easy routes in Massone. On Saturday after a nice breakfast in Arco and a bit of shopping we went to Massone. It was an awesome day I did some good warm ups and then spent a few goes on Red Rocks 8a but I did not climb it this day. Next morning we went to a new crag in Arco. We had no topo and just went on the things that looked good to us. I was so often pumped and on the end of the day I was felt really tired on my forearms.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Last weeks update

Time is going fast and my last update is already some time ago. In the last few weeks I was climbing lots and was already able to onsight a 7c in Nassereith called “Venus”. I also found a new project to try in Niederthai, it’s a ~20m long, power endurance, 8b on a steep wall with round holds and a few bouldery moves. On the weekend we planned a trip to Zillertal, hopefully the weather is not letting us down….