Sunday, 20 April 2008

BWC Hall

The first World Cup this year was on Friday in Hall. I was really exited to meet all the climbers again, to see all the problems and just taking part again. This year the number of competitors was the biggest ever around 50 females and over 80 males! I was a bit unlucky with my starting number because I had to climb 2nd to last. The qualification problems were not too hard but sometimes a bit awkward. I managed to climb 3 problems in 5 goes, but there was another problem I kept falling of the top, I just could not find the right way to do the move. I knew that I was not in my best shape because my finger injury troubled my training a bit , but I was very disappointed with my end position and I could not qualify for the semi final the first time in my world cup carrier.

Monday, 14 April 2008

La sportiva climbing festival

On Friday there was a big La sportive climbing Festival in Tivoli. There were 60 problems in total all around the walls from very easy to extremely hard. The festival was a big success with a lot of peoples entering and I really enjoyed climbing with good climbers. I manage to climb 40 problems.
Unfortunately I rested the rest of the weekend because a few weeks ago I injured one of my fingers and it those not seem to get any better and the three hours of intense bouldering did not help either. However I was really proud at Stew because on Sunday he managed to climb Brandy Tarte 8c+ in Niederthai. He is super strong in the moment.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

First Boulder Comp this year.

On Friday we had the first round of the Austrian Boulder Cups this year. The Competition took place in Kitzbuehl. It felt strange to do a Comp after such a long Comp break. The Qualification round went good, I made a few silly mistakes and felt a bit out of practice. On Saturday was the semi-final and final. In the semi I climbed well but I messed up the final and ended in position 6. This Comp was very helpful to find my major mistakes I have to work on to improve my Comp results