Monday, 24 December 2007

Weekend in Cresciano and Chironico

Stew and I went this weekend to Swiss and visited Cresciano and Chironico for the first time EVER. On Saturday we arrived quite late in Cresciano but still got enough climbing done. I did some warm ups and managed to climb “la pioche 7b+” which is a nice line with a quite hard start move on a smeary foothold and a toe hook. We packed up really late when it was already dark and visited our friends Gaz, Martin, Liam, and Mickey which where also here for a trip. We spent a cosy night in a small hood with a wooden firer and a lot of climbing talk. Next morning we all went of to Chironico. In Chironico I warmed up on some nice and easy problems and then went on “That goes left 7c+”. After trying all the moves I knew that I should be able to climb this problem but in the end it than took me longer than I expected. I dropped the top a few times and other times I slipped of the smeary foothold but finally after 1.5 hours or so I climbed it. After that I just look at some cool lines and tried the odd problems before we had to head back home….Overall I really enjoyed it and will be back soon.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


On Tuesday last week Stew and I went back to Tumpen bloc to check out if it is dry and it was. I climbed a boulder called Indiana Jones 7b, a really good slopey boulder quiet sustained.
We planned to visit Brione this week, however the weather turned really bad and it started to snow a lot, so we stayed at home and started a really specific training to build up our strength. However I am really pysed to visit Swiss for a few trips whenever I am off work and the weather is alright. So keep checking out my bloc for updates....